Your Happy Life Podcast, Intentional Living: Personal & Spiritual Growth To Uplevel Your Life, Dream, Believe, Create Podcast Artwork Image

Your Happy Life Podcast, Intentional Living: Personal & Spiritual Growth To Uplevel Your Life, Dream, Believe, Create

Donna Burgher, Happiness Coach, Positive Mindset & Advanced Manifesting Teacher

Are you a spiritual woman actively seeking personal and spiritual growth to uplevel your life? Are you feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied in one or more areas of your life? If you are no longer willing to settle for 'what-is' and you are ready to raise your vibration so you can release low vibrational energies, doubts, negative thoughts, and those annoying limiting beliefs that keep you from intentionally creating the happy & fulfilling life of your dreams, then you have come to the right place. ~ ~ ~ Welcome to Your Happy Life, the podcast that will Raise Your Vibration, with your host, Donna Burgher. In this weekly show, Donna will explore ways for you to expand your consciousness, create a positive mindset, and activate your joy because the higher your vibration, the happier you’ll be, and the easier it becomes to create Your Happy Life! Donna will be sharing her knowledge and wisdom, as well as interviewing amazing guests. The transformational topics they will talk about include but are not limited to: mindset, energy & vibration, manifesting, personal development, spiritual growth, wellness for mind, body, soul & spirit, self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-confidence to inspire, empower and motivate the listener to up-level their life. ~ ~ ~ Donna experienced a Divine awakening, back in 2009, and that’s when she was guided on a transformational journey of personal and spiritual growth that changed her life forever. She is beyond passionate about sharing this fun, magical, and life-changing journey. Donna tells her clients, “If you can Dream it and Believe it, I can guide you to Create it.” :) Donna Burgher is a happy and successful entrepreneur with a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience as a multi-business owner. She is the Founder & CEO of Choose True Happiness LLC and a Senior Partner & Advisory Board Member of The Wellness Universe. Donna is a heart-centered and intuitive Happiness Coach, Positive Mindset and Advanced Manifesting Teacher, Life Coach, Awakening Your Light Body Teacher, and Advanced Passion Test Facilitator. She is also a Podcast Host, Multi-Bestselling Co-Author, Energy Worker, and Spiritual Guide. To learn more visit